TandemPR  - Privacy Policy


  1. TandemPR is a UK-based public relations agency. The agency operates as a Sole-Trader business. TandemPR is not a marketing agency, a direct-marketing agency, a market-research agency, a data-trading agency, a mailout agency or any other kind of agency.
  2. The purpose of processing your data with respect to the agency’s core function is as a “legitimate interest.” This means TandemPR maintains a database of journalists, writers, editors, photographers, videographers, social media influencers and further editorial and creative contacts across a wide variety of media so that the agency may contact you with relevant information for a variety of projects. This is the core part of TandemPR’s business, which is known as media relations. The projects generally cover festivals, events and lifestyle clients across music, travel, food and drink and fashion, and it is information with regard to these projects which is sent out, predominantly by email, with a view to securing a mix of content covering previews, interviews, news items, reviews, competitions and features. Its function as a business is solely public relations and communications.
  3. TandemPR works mainly in its communication to media with emails, telephone numbers and more rarely with home or work postal addresses (for example, for competition winners of prizes or event tickets, or in rare occasions to send out physical products for review) Competition winners’ details are deleted from the database once the relevant event has passed. Generally stored phone numbers are business numbers at places of work rather than mobile phone numbers.
  4. TandemPR does not hold, use or has ever held any such data including banking or financial information, dates of birth, passwords, medical records and National Insurance numbers, or other data including religion, sexuality and ethnicity. No such data is needed for TandemPR’s operation as a business and as such this data has never been used or stored.
  5. TandemPR holds no data with regard to children or criminal offences in any capacity.
  6. TandemPR uses your data, which has been accrued over the last 13 years of business operations, as a public relations agency with relationships developed across a wide range of UK, European and global media. The data has been accrued either by TandemPR contacting media to submit information on behalf of its clients, or media contacting TandemPR for the information about its clients – both methods have established working relationships based around a mix of daily, weekly, monthly and annual cycles of information being sent out to media or requested by media.
  7. Your data TandemPR processes is only used to communicate relevant client-led work to media, and you are someone for whom this information could be relevant. Your data is not used for anything else.
  8. Your data is continually stored as it is used regularly on an ongoing basis with media, and that new public relations and communications work might arise and require information being sent to you based on its relevance.
  9. TandemPR does not use any automated or human-based profiling to find or use your data, or enhance what it knows about you, in any circumstances. No profiling data is kept and TandemPR does not use cookies.
  10. All data held is only used by TandemPR – it is not passed on, shared or sold to any third parties.
  11. If you are a European resident, you have the right to access the data TandemPR holds about you and to ask that your personal information be corrected, updated or deleted. If you would like to exercise this right, please contact the Data Controller, Damian Jones, at damo@tandempr.co.uk
  12. If at any time you do not wish to be contacted for any reason by TandemPR, please email damo@tandempr.co.uk with the subject line: UNSUBSCRIBE, and you will be deleted from the database.
  13. Your data is encrypted and TandemPR undertakes regular virus, malware and digital system checks to protect your data. The protection of your data cannot be 100% guaranteed.
  14. This privacy policy was published on Thursday 24th May 2018 and is subject to change.